Engineering Program

Engineering I

This introductory course includes the basics of engineering problem solving and engineering problem-solving tools, as well as technical communications and the engineering profession. Additionally, the course also teaches computer-aided drafting computer technology for creation and documentation of 2D drawings and 3D models. Students are introduced to computer-aided drafting systems available in the industry as well as instruction in basic fabrication skills to create prototypes safely and accurately. Other concepts and skills focus on shop safety, safe tool use, measurement, field sketching, basic tool use, material removal, joining techniques, and additive fabrication processes. The course provides an overview of modern manufacturing processes and will include a student capstone project.

Engineering II

This course teaches the basics of engineering problem solving, engineering problem-solving  tools, technical communications, and the engineering profession. The year-long course is comprised of both computer aided design & fundamentals of fabrication coursework. Additionally, students are presented with a series of design challenges to which they apply the engineering design process and engineering analysis techniques to implement practical solutions.

Engineering III

This course provides an opportunity for students to apply the fundamentals of mathematics and science to engineering through the study of analog and digital electronics and computer engineering in a hands-on, project-based approach. Topics include DC and AC electronics, semiconductor devices, and digital circuits. Students learn the basics of hardware design languages as well as designing and implementing microcontroller-based projects.

Engineering IV Intern

This course prepares students to use critical thinking skills and apply formulations from pre-calculus and basics to innovative engineering job functions of research, design, development, testing, and analysis when preparing product. Students apply concepts of math and science, and problem-solving skills to different systems using input, and process, output, and feedback. Students further demonstrate fundamentals of engineering and mechanics using scientific principles from materials to construct a project with consideration to manufacturability environmental factors, economics, and safety. This course is modeled to university criterion covering engineering theory through a hands-on approach.

Engineering News

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Elias Razo
CSWP Certification
November 22, 2022

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Mr. John Morris
Arduino Board
November 2022

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Engineering I

August 22, 2022

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