Miscellaneous Electives

Miscellaneous Electives

Miscellaneous Electives

AP Seminar

This course is designed by the College Board to parallel college-level courses in critical thinking and communications. AP Seminar courses provide students with the opportunity to explore complex real-world issues through cross-curricular lenses. Course topics vary and may include local, civic, or global issues and interdisciplinary subject areas. Courses typically emphasize research, communication, and critical-thinking skills to explore the issues addressed. Students may also examine source materials such as articles and other texts; speeches and personal accounts; and relevant artistic and literary works. This course is designed to challenge students to reflect critically on the diversity of knowledge, and the role knowledge plays in a global society. *Refer to the Counseling Department for specifics of enrollment. This course earns weighted credit. Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in other Honors/AP Courses

Film Studies

This Film Studies course explores self-expression by utilizing movies as visual narratives. Students analyze and study all the language systems of film (e.g. photography, editing, sound, acting, story, writing, ideology, etc.). In studying these valuable tools that filmmakers use, students better understand how movies are constructed and appreciate the criteria necessary to make a film. Students study and critique the works of others and participate in or produce art themselves. This course is both film history and genre study, to include comparative study of various films within a time period, culture, and genre. Film Studies is not intended to be a course solely for aspiring filmmakers. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to explain the artistic and technical merits of film based on the skills learned throughout the semester. Prerequisite: None

Geography of the World

In this course, students are asked to demonstrate knowledge about the physical geography of our planet earth. The concepts include: five (5) themes of geography, the location and development of political boundaries, the location and importance of the world’s physical features, geography’s impact on humans, and the themes of World History (as stepping stone to the study of World History sophomore year). Prerequisites: None (Elective Credit)

Student Leadership

Leadership courses are designed to strengthen students' personal and group leadership skills. Typically intended for students involved in extracurricular activities (especially as officers of organizations or student governing bodies), these courses may cover such topics as public speaking, effective communication, human relations, parliamentary law and procedures, organization and management, and group dynamics. Prerequisite: Must be a current Student Council Officer

Teacher/Office Aide

Aides perform various tasks and must be classified as a senior. Students may not enroll as a Teacher/Office Aide for more than one class period per semester. Prerequisite: None

Yearbook I

This course trains students in the fundamentals of yearbook journalism. Course content includes: history and progression of yearbook journalism; legal and ethical obligations of what you can and cannot put in a yearbook; interviewing styles; layout and design techniques; writing of articles; editing and proof-reading articles; basic photography; advertising/sales; meeting deadlines; decision making; and team work. The goal of this course is to produce a yearbook by the end of the school year. Daily attendance and the availability to do work outside normal classroom hours are required. This course may be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: None

Yearbook II

Students build upon knowledge gained in the Beginning Yearbook I course. Students are required to implement knowledge by contributing to and producing the student-generated yearbook. Students plan and produce the yearbook from inception to publication to distribution. Course content includes a review of legal and ethical obligations; interviewing styles; layout and design techniques; yearbook writing styles; editing and proofreading articles; yearbook photography; advertising/sales; meeting deadlines; decision making; leadership qualities; and teamwork. This course’s goal is to produce a yearbook by the end of the school year. Daily attendance and the availability to do work outside normal classroom hours are required. This course may be repeated for credit.


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