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JCAC - Japanese Culture/Anime Club
John Garvey, Sponsor
(520) 836-8500 ext. 3529
JCAC is an acronym for the “Japanese Culture and Anime Club”
JCAC Club members are participating (or have participated) in the following activities:
  • Study and play games related to the Japanese alphabets (hiragana, katakana and kanji);
  • Practice common conversational Japanese;
  • Research and present cultural information (research, note-taking, presentation);
  • Survey themes and approaches in Japanese language and literature, including poetry, folk tales, songs, etc.;
  • Play Japanese games (such as Ninja);
  • Raise money for Japanese Tsunami charities;
  • Review and discuss current anime (cartoon movies) and some manga [comics];
  • Create, design costumes for, and act out skits in Japanese;
  • Learn how to draw manga and pictures;
  • Design, wear and judge Cosplay costumes;
  • Create 3-D origami;
  • Research, cook and bring Japanese food for all to taste;
  • Take field trips to Asian culture festivals;
  • Raise awareness of cultural biases that exist in our school and discuss ways to combat them;
  • Work cooperatively in committees on tasks such as research, discussion and creation of new ideas, artwork, etc.;
  • Forge lasting friendships and mentor each other through our high school experience!
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