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Biotechnology Science III
CG-BiotechnologyScienceTechnicalSkillsAssessmentCertificateRecipients (1)

CGUHS Biotechnology Science III students passed the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Technical Skills Assessment (TSA) in April 2022: Reid Barnes, Alyssa Forish, Cadence Kahn, Cruz Martinez, Ethan Miles, and Valia Kaliotzakis. This assessment is based on industry-validated technical standards in the field of Bioscience and endorsed by the Arizona Career and Technical Education Quality Commission. The assessment process measures attainment of technical knowledge and skills as required in the workplace. Students who meet the scoring benchmark receive a certificate along with a transcript of skills. The student's certificate and transcript can be presented to employers in showcasing their skills. Biotechnology Science is taught by Noel Que. Visit their webpage at