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Stepping Out From Behind The Counter Award
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(CGUHS) Christian Stewart, Automotive Technologies Teacher, was presented with the Stepping Out From Behind The Counter Award. Principal Dr. Lineberry says that  Mr. Stewart has really turned our program around and has worked diligently to ensure student success. Recently, Mr. Stewart's students worked on a 2001 Ford Lightening pickup truck. The owners said this of Mr. Stewart and his students, "This is an amazing program with an incredible leader. Allowing students hands-on experience with the guidance of a professional and experienced mechanic is extremely impressive. They are learning a skill that could lead to a career full of potential. We are envious of the knowledge that is available to them and wish the same opportunities had been available in high school many years ago and for ALL students across the country currently. I know from personal experience with my own vehicle, the caliber of workmanship and honesty that is exhibited by Mr. Stewart and his students and am grateful for all that they do for our school and community." For more information about CTE Automotive Technologies, visit

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