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We The People
CG-WeThePeopleArizonaStateMockCongressionalHearingCompetition20230113 (3)

Mr. Robert Peterson’s We The People class (CGUHS) competed for the first time at the Arizona State Mock Congressional Hearing Competition held at Mesa Community College on Friday, January 13. They competed against other high schools including Chandler Hamilton, Mesa Mountain View, Mesa Red Mountain, Gilbert Classical Academy, Mesa Dobson, Tempe Corona Del Sol, and Lake Havasu. Mesa Mountain View won the overall competition and will represent Arizona at the national competition in Washington, D.C. this April. The CGUHS team was small, with only nine competitors, meaning each student had to testify in two units of study each, compared to the other teams who were larger with twenty plus students and only had to compete in one unit each. The CGUHS Unit #5 team, which consisted of seniors Kaitlyn Mills, Meya Garcia, and Aracelly Ortiz, won the best overall Unit #5 team. This was a great experience for these outstanding students. The Cougars look forward to competing again next year with a new group of seniors. Visit the Social Studies Department at