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Graduation Powwow
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The Casa Grande Union High School District (CGUHSD) Graduation Powwow was held Saturday, May 21, to recognize all Native American graduates from Casa Grande High School (CGUHS) and Vista Grande High School (VGHS). This was the 8th Annual Powwow which was not held the last two plus years due to COVID-19. The Powwow was an all-day event. There were many dancers, singers, and visitors throughout the day, as well as arts and craft vendors including the CGUHS AmerInd Club who sold frybread. Nearly 50 graduates from CGUHS and VGHS attended this event. Each graduate was recognized with a Native American graduation sash and a beaded red-tail hawk feather. Thank you to CGUHS for allowing them to host the event at their school. For more information on Native American Services, visit