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Physical Science Class
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During the week of May 2-6, the VGHS Physical Science Class, consisting of Juniors, actively engaged and created a meaningful project through Project-Based Learning. In the classroom, students used their creativity and imagination to plan, craft, create, and engage a sample of activity on the topic of energy. Cristy Malonzo, Physical Science Teacher, expressed her pride in these young individuals, “This activity was a catalyst of transforming science, helping to improve student learning. This type of learning is an instructional framework that develops the skills of learners to work with groups and answer reflective questions that would apply in their real life. Seeing them contribute and share their ideas and participate in this kind of learning was a happy feeling. I wanted them to get engaged and be problem solvers, which they successfully accomplished. I witnessed critical thinking, creativity, imagination, and collaboration among the students. I am so proud of them!” Visit the Science webpage at