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Construction Technologies
CG-ConstructionTechnologiesCentennialBrickProject20230518 (2)

(CGUHS) After a long journey, the 2019 Centennial Brick Project is complete. All levels of the CTE Construction Technologies program were putting their skills to work over the past four days. The project was planned and headed by Ethan Wood, who mostly subcontracted the hard labor to his classmates. The intern and advanced students led the way to proper elevations, the first-year students learned what a pick and shovel were, and the second-year students demonstrated their readiness to be advanced students by laying most of the bricks in one class hour time. In all, they did a great job and hope the community enjoys the new aesthetics. The project can be seen by all who visit the Al Van Hazel Stadium on the home side just past the cougar statue as it surrounds the James Seton Memorial Bench. Thank you to Pedro Reyes, Maintenance Supervisor and Construction Technologies alumnus, for helping with rock and sand material delivery on this tight schedule. More information will be coming soon for anyone interested in purchasing bricks. The Cougars are taught by Michael Wagner, CTE Construction Technologies Teacher. Visit their webpage at