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Yearbooks are available for sale online in the yearbook order center or in person from the bookstore. Please note that after April 1st, 2024, the yearbook order center online will close, and all yearbooks will only be available for purchase through the bookstore on school campus.  

PROM TICKETS are on sale now in the bookstore.  Tickets will cost $50, or a pair/couple tickets will be $90.  If you wait the cost is $60 at the door.  Guest passes are available in the bookstore and need to be approved first.  PROM is April 13th from 7-10pm in the big gym.   This year's theme is Mirrorball.


Students, If you have completed the FAFSA, please, get an email to Dr. Flemister ASAP

Students, don’t Forget FAFSA Thursdays in the Library 3.5 Period, Lunch A, & Lunch B

Students, if you need help with college applications, scholarships, or FAFSA you can make an appointment with Dr. Flemister as well.


Open Cheer Gym
Starting April 3 and running every Wednesday from 5-7 pm until May 1

Varsity Spiritline Tryouts
May 15-17
More information is available at CougarSpiritline.Com