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Employee of the Month
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(CGUHSD) Mr. Martin Lopez, Federal & State Grants Coordinator, was recognized at the Governing Board meeting on Tuesday, March 5, as the Employee of the Month. Ms. Christina Ogle, Federal & State Programs Director, had this to say about Martin, "I am proud to nominate Martin Lopez for Employee of the Month. I feel Martin is way overdue and so deserving of Employee of the Month. From the first day I met Martin, he has been the definition of a gentleman 'a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man'. His dedication for this school district and his community are evident in the years he has given to his work and the Vista Grande wrestlers and driving them to high personal achievements each year. Martin is 100% for the students in their accomplishments as well as trying times. During the last several months, Martin has remained a gentleman and handled the death of a former wrestler and a recent student medical emergency with professionalism and care. He will never raise his voice to a student, parent, staff member, or vendors, and has an infectious smile and genuine love for his family and friends. For these reasons and many more, he is an outstanding role model in our community and very deserving of this award. Thank you, Martin!" For past recipients, visit