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Honors Biology
CG-BiologyHonorsIreneBerondoMeiosisReviewGame20240301 (3)

(CGUHS) In Ms. Irene Berondo's Honors Biology class, students engaged in the Meiosis Review Game in which they learned from the topics of Meiosis I and Meiosis II. In the game, each player selected a game token and positioned it at the starting mark on the game board and determined the order of play. The game cards were shuffled and placed face down beside the board. The first player picked a card, read the question aloud, and answered it. Another member of the group verified the answer with the provided folder of correct answers. If the answer was correct, the player rolled the dice and moved accordingly. If incorrect, play passed to the next person, and the current player forfeited their roll. Landing on an X spot required drawing a card from the labeled envelope. Failure to complete the task on the card resulted in moving back to the starting position. The game continued until a player reached the finish mark on the board. Visit the Science Department at