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Rotary Student of the Month
INOVA-RotaryStudentOfMonth202301BandaVictoria (1)
Victoria Banda was recognized on Tuesday, January 10, as the January INOVA Rotary Student of the Month during the district's Governing Board meeting. Everyone raves that Victoria works hard and that she doesn't make excuses. To know Victoria, one must know that she has been rewarded for her contributions as an artist both in the classroom and by way of the web. Victoria's mother has stated that she is amazed by her natural gift for being creative and how her artwork being on Google would provide more shine and appreciation that she deserves. Victoria's hobbies are playing video games and putting ideas on paper with her animation skills. Victoria also loves spending time with her family. including birthdays. She even designed a cake for her mother. Her mother is her superhero because she goes to her for support, making her feel better. Victoria's mom stated that she and the family appreciate having the option to attend INOVA because she did not feel displaced or lack social interaction.

Because INOVA was an option, it helped Victoria progress toward the finish line of becoming a soon-to-be Class of 23' high school graduate. Victoria does have an interest in pursuing animation at Full Sail University. Currently, she is interested in working at the grocery store and working for the newspaper. One thing she appreciates about INOVA is she feels supported by her teachers, counselor/success coach, and staff. She enjoyed taking the ASU College trip with INOVA because she got to ask questions and learn about more of the culture of the University, details that she only got exposed to once taking this trip. If Victoria had one superpower, it would be to summon water. Her advice to the student body is that she aspires to be herself every day, so she encourages everyone to find out what works for them the most and consistently do it to their best ability. She also shared that by being an INOVA student, she feels empowered to work hard and achieve great things.

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