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Elijah Valenzuela
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Casa Grande Union High School’s Elijah Valenzuela signed a contract to become a Navy Nuclear Engineer. Throughout the years, Elijah has enjoyed every aspect of Mathematics and, at a young age, knew he wanted to join the military. Elijah expressed his excitement, “I am honored to say I will be serving my country as a Nuclear Engineer for the U.S. Navy. I am looking forward to starting my journey with the Navy on the fleet around the world.” The Navy is awarding him a $250,000.00 scholarship for his Nuclear Engineer training. Elijah is Totsohnii (Big Water Clan) and born to Nat’oh dine’e Tacnii’nii (Tobacco/Red Running into Water Clan). He has lived in Casa Grande most of his life but is originally from the Navajo Reservation. For more information, visit