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JROTC Marine Corps
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On July 25th, Vista Grande High School and Casa Grande Union High School Marine Corps JROTC Cadets, 1st Sergeant Kenni Ozbirn (Pictured Left), 2nd Lieutenant Evan Kirkbride (Pictured Center), and 2nd Lieutenant Ava Valdez (Pictured Right), landed in Pittsburgh where they awaited transportation to the Outdoor Odyssey Senior Leadership Camp in Boswell, Pennsylvania. Cadets, eager to spend six days honing 21st Century and leadership skills involving high adventure, team-building, communication, and collaboration, set the stage for a year of activity between mentors and these team members. In addition to the physical and academic rigors at the leadership camp, cadets learn skills involving public speaking, professional relationship building, and to keep focused and calm during stressful times. Visit (VGHS) and (CGUHS).