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Spartan PRIDE Tickets
Spartan PRIDE Tickets are given to students by faculty/staff members. Students are awarded for exhibiting behaviors that are in-line with VGHS's Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) philosophy: Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence. During regular school, tickets are placed in a raffle box to be drawn for a chance to win a prize. During closure, tickets are virtually given through email and prizes will be drawn at the return of regular school. Visit  
Awarded 5/7/2020:
Hannah Lyme
Lei Calalang
Arron Hartline
Alexis Ibarra
Angelo Tapia
Victoria Banda
Natalie Avila-Garcia
Angel Mojica III
Patrocinio Madrid, Jr.
Valeria Martinez Morales
William Drake Salas
Amelia Magnone
Delaney Dickey
Josef Holt
Emilie Kleinhanzl
Mason Thrasher
Lillian Green
Jeremy Ybarra
Elijah Montijo
Alexis Ibarra
Citlalit Zamorano
Nehemiah Davis
Karina Serrano
Noah Burnham
Dylan Whitmer
Isabella Salazar
Nuriah Perea
Lucrecia Galicia
Gerardo Nunez
Janet Orozco Nery