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Spartan PRIDE Tickets
Spartan PRIDE Tickets are given to students by faculty/staff members. Students are awarded for exhibiting behaviors that are in-line with VGHS's Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) philosophy: Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence. During regular school, tickets are placed in a raffle box to be drawn for a chance to win a prize. During closure, tickets are virtually given through email and prizes will be drawn at the return of regular school. Visit
Awarded 4/27/2020:
Keven Rios
Jocelyn White
Adrian Talavera
Ariel Armenta
Gabriel Mendoza
Brandon Stokes
Jordan Madrid
Kenzie Hanneman
Jacob Schmidt
Nicholas Francis
Jacob Machado
Jeremiah Whittaker
Aleyna Minjares
Trinity Murrieta
Andrew Sunshine
Jaeden Valenzuela
Ryan Galvez
Devin Macias
Jenny Palomino
Matthew Valdez
Darien Cornelson
Kenia Loya Alvarado
Arlene Pompa
Andrew Thomas