Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight

To honor and recognize the VGHS Class of 2020, seniors are invited to submit a photo of themselves and tell us their future plans so they can be featured on our website and social media. Submissions can be made by messaging VGHS Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram: “Vista Grande High School”; or by emailing

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0-VG Frank Julio Acevedo
Frank Julio Acevedo
VG-AcunaJasmine (1)Crop Jasmine Dominique Acuña
Jasmine Dominique Acuña
0-VG Neal David Adams
Neal David Adams
VG-AguirreHadrian (1) Hadrian Eugene Aguirre
Hadrian Eugene Aguirre
VG-AlbaKireneShecid (1) Kirene Shecid Alba
Kirene Shecid Alba
VG-AlvaradoRiveraEsmeralda (1) Esmeralda Alvarado Rivera
Esmeralda Alvarado Rivera
VG-AlvarezAbel (1) Abel Alvarez
Abel Alvarez
VG-AlvarezRosa20200417 (1) Rosa Clairet Alvarez
Rosa Alvarez plans to attend Unison University to earn her degree in Psychology and help her community.

0-VG Daniel Amador
Daniel Amador
VG-AndersonKaylynn (1) Kaylynn Naomie Anderson
Kaylynn Naomie Anderson
0-VG Andre Oliver Antone
Andre Oliver Antone
VG-AntoneBrianna (1) Brianna J Antone
Brianna J Antone
VG-AntunezAlejandro (1) Alejandro Antuñez
Alejandro Antuñez
VG-AragonElena (1) Elena Sari Aragon
Elena Sari Aragon
VG-ArchuletaAlexis (1) Alexis Jade Archuleta
Alexis Jade Archuleta
VG-ArchuletaGraciela (1) Graciela Rosa Archuleta
Graciela Rosa Archuleta
0-VG Austin James Arlia
Austin James Arlia
0-VG Ariel Abraham Armenta
Ariel Abraham Armenta
0-VG Charles Jacob Aulbach
Charles Jacob Aulbach
VG-BakerMia (1) Mia Socorro Baker
Mia Socorro Baker
0-VG Carlos Vicente Baldenegro
Carlos Vicente Baldenegro
VG-BandaKaren (1) Karen Salting Banda
Karen Salting Banda
0-VG Samira Barajas
Samira Barajas
VG-BarreraRoberto (1) Roberto Sanchez Barrera
Roberto Sanchez Barrera
0-VG Halaiya Roze Bato
Halaiya Roze Bato
VG-BautistaArthur (1) Arthur Matthew Bautista
Arthur Matthew Bautista
0-VG Aryanna Ivy Begin
Aryanna Ivy Begin
0-VG Alexander Christopher Bell
Alexander Christopher Bell
VG-BellocElihza20200417 (1) Elihza M Belloc
After receiving her diploma and CAVIT certification, Elihza Belloc would like to work as a Certified Medical Assistant while attending CAC for two (2 ) years. From there, she plans to transfer to an in-state university and become a Pediatrician. 

0-VG Alexander Beltran Roman
Alexander Beltran Roman
0-VG Alexis Beltran Roman
Alexis Beltran Roman
0-VG Miguel Angel Bermudez Castro
Miguel Angel Bermudez Castro
0-VG Sydney Lynn Bernier
Sydney Lynn Bernier
VG-BojorquezLeighlah (1) Leighlah Unique Bojorquez
Leighlah Bojorquez will attend NAU in the fall to earn a BS in Criminology/ Criminal Justice to pursue a career in Law Enforcement.
0-VG Alexander Bombela Tinajero
Alexander Bombela Tinajero
0-VG Rylee Katherine Boseck
Rylee Katherine Boseck
0-VG Mattie Faith Bradford
Mattie Faith Bradford
0-VG Ruby Brambila
Ruby Brambila
0-VG Jasiel Arturo Briceño
Jasiel Arturo Briceño
0-VG McKenzie Faith Bridschge
McKenzie Faith Bridschge
0-VG Leilani Mayari Brumfield
Leilani Mayari Brumfield
0-VG Sarai Lynn Buckner
Sarai Lynn Buckner
0-VG Brithany Susana Buitimea Gastelum
Brithany Susana Buitimea Gastelum
VG-BurnhamNoah20200417 (1) Noah D. Burnham
Noah Burnham will attend the University of Arizona to get his Bachelor's in Business Management. His future plans are to get his Master's and manage his own company one day. 

0-VG Andrew Race Burruel
Andrew Race Burruel
0-VG0 Jay Cory Caballero
Jay Cory Caballero
0-VG0 Cassandra Campos
Cassandra Campos
0-VG0 Larry Obrian Carra
Larry Obrian Carra
VG-CarranzaIyannah20200419 (1) Iyannah Paola Carranza
Iyannah Carranza will pursue her BSN at NAU to become a Registered Nurse and then enlist in the Navy as an Officer. 

0-VG0 Eric Carrillo Moreno
Eric Carrillo Moreno
0-VG0 Jace Alexander Lee Casey
Jace Alexander Lee Casey
VG-CastanoCristina20200419 (1) Cristina Anahi Ibarra Castaño
Cristina Castaño plans to attend CAC for two (2) years before going on to the University of Arizona to study to be a Veterinarian. 

0-VG0 Abel Antonio Castillo Amador
Abel Antonio Castillo Amador
0-VG0 Jasmine Castillo Soto
Jasmine Castillo Soto
0-VG0 Elias Castro
Elias Castro
0-VG0 Kiana Marie Cervantes
Kiana Marie Cervantes
0-VG0 Anthony Michael Chavez
Anthony Michael Chavez
0-VG0 Yessenia Jasmin Clouse
Yessenia Jasmin Clouse
0-VG0 Jared Lee Cochran
Jared Lee Cochran
0-VG0 Austin Tyler Coletti
Austin Tyler Coletti
0-VG0 Gabriela Abigail Cordova
Gabriela Abigail Cordova
0-VG0 Darien Anthony Cornelson
Darien Anthony Cornelson
0-VG0 Cassandra Corona Beltran
Cassandra Corona Beltran
0-VG0 Elia Lissette Corona
Elia Lissette Corona
0-VG0 Iridiana Corona Tapia
Iridiana Corona Tapia
0-VG0 Emma Corrales
Emma Corrales
0-VG0 Silver Nichole Courter
Silver Nichole Courter
0-VG0 Alex Michael Cox
Alex Michael Cox
0-VG0 Isaac Nathaniel Cox
Isaac Nathaniel Cox
0-VG0 Dominik Riley Croci
Dominik Riley Croci
0-VG0 Jedidiah Jackson Wa Croll
Jedidiah Jackson Wa Croll
VG-CruzChristopher20200505 (1)Crop Christopher Lance Cruz
Christopher Cruz plans to receive his Guard Card from CAVIT Law Enforcement and attend the Police Academy to become an Officer and a member of SWAT.
0-VG0 Nicholas Anthony Cuellar
Nicholas Anthony Cuellar
VG-CunninghamJustice20200419 (1) Justice Havin Cunningham
Justice Cunningham will attend Central Arizona College in the fall and wants to become a Teacher. 

VG-DavenrinerDakota20200417 (1) Dakota Leigh Davenriner
Dakota Davenriner plans to attend Cenral Arizona College to earn a BSN in Nursing in the NAU Bridge Program. She would like to become an RN and be certified in Neonatal Resuscitation/Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing. 

VG-DavisPaige20200618 (1) Paige Jean Davis
Paige Davis will attend UArizona and is focused on being an Anesthesiologist.
0-VG0 Thomas Jose Davis
Thomas Jose Davis
VG-DavisTristen20200417 (1) Tristen Ciana Davis
Tristen Davis plans to attend Gateway Community College on the scholarship she received for Soccer and to continue with the sport she loves. She will work on her prerequisites until a study catches her eye. 

0-VG0 Mathew Jason Day
Mathew Jason Day
0-VG0 Amber Delgado
Amber Delgado
0-VG0 Cole Allen Derego
Cole Allen Derego
0-VG0 Anastasia Lorraine Derrick
Anastasia Lorraine Derrick
0-VG0 Santana Monica Michael Dickey
Santana Monica Michael Dickey
0-VG0 Jazminn Mariah Didelotte
Jazminn Mariah Didelotte
0-VG0 Sophia Isabel Duran
Sophia Isabel Duran
VG-EdwardsAyanna20200417 (1) Ayanna Jade Edwards
Ayanna Edwards plans to go into the Navy and receive her Associate's Degree while enlisted. 

0-VG0 Savion Ouray Ellis
Savion Ouray Ellis
0-VG0 Zaee Allen Everette Elwood
Zaee Allen Everette Elwood
0-VG0 Richard Dale Esch
Richard Dale Esch
0-VG0 Ty Denton Eshom
Ty Denton Eshom
0-VG0 Jovimar D Esperida
Jovimar D Esperida
0-VG0 Armando Rivera Espinoza
Armando Rivera Espinoza
0-VG0 Jasmine Nunez Espinoza
Jasmine Nunez Espinoza
0-VG0 Marco Antonio Espinoza Jr
Marco Antonio Espinoza Jr
0-VG0 Kyle Angelo Everett
Kyle Angelo Everett
0-VG0 Melissa Ann Fallis
Melissa Ann Fallis
0-VG0 Dinah Irene Faulk
Dinah Irene Faulk
VG-FedericoKristiVictoriaMarie20200505 (1) Kristi Victoria Marie Federico
Kristi Victoria Marie Federico plans to go to college and pursue a career in the medical field.
0-VG0 Triston Lewis Federico
Triston Lewis Federico
VG-FernandezNayeli20200611 (3) Nayeli Fernandez
Nayeli Fernandez plans to study to become a Neonatal Nurse Specialist.
0-VG0 Perla Teresita Fimbres
Perla Teresita Fimbres
Brandon Michael Finchum Brandon Michael Finchum
Brandon Michael Finchum
VG-FlemingCeleste20200505 (1) Celeste Rosemary Fleming
Celeste Fleming plans to get her Real Estate License then go to CAC with her Promise For The Future Scholarship for two (2) years.
VG-FletcherDrena20200420 (1) Drena Suzzahn Fletcher
Drena Fletcher will study at MCC to earn her Veterinarian Technician Degree and get a job as a Vet Tech for a zoo. 

0-VG0 Francisco Javier Flores
Francisco Javier Flores
0-VG0 Tatiana Anahi Flores
Tatiana Anahi Flores
0-VG0 Colleen Aingeal Follum
Colleen Aingeal Follum
0-VG0 Jose Franco
Jose Franco
VG-FriedmanAndrew20200612 (1) Andrew Elliot Friedman
Andrew Friedman plans to attend Central Arizona College.
VG-GalazAndrea20200416 (1) Andrea Galaz
Andrea Galaz will attend Central Arizona College for two years to receive an Associate’s Degree in General Studies then transfer to an in-state university. 

0-VG0 Lucrecia Gabriela Galicia
Lucrecia Gabriela Galicia
0-VG0 Andrew Robert Garcia
Andrew Robert Garcia
0-VG0 Anthony Eric Garcia
Anthony Eric Garcia
0-VG0 Brianna Nicole Garcia
Brianna Nicole Garcia
0-VG0 Erick Garcia
Erick Garcia
0-VG0 Esmeralda Denisse Garcia
Esmeralda Denisse Garcia
VG-GarciaJordan20200422 (1) Jordan Marissa Garcia
Jordan Garcia will attend the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a goal of becoming a Pediatrician. 

0-VG0 Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia
0-VG0 Martin Andrew Garcia
Martin Andrew Garcia
0-VG0 Mateo Lorenzo Garcia
Mateo Lorenzo Garcia
0-VG0 Melissa Kalee Garcia
Melissa Kalee Garcia
0-VG0 Victoria Esperanza Garcia
Victoria Esperanza Garcia
0-VG0 Diana Julissa Garcia Rodriguez
Diana Julissa Garcia Rodriguez
0-VG0 Dyson Roy Gay
Dyson Roy Gay
VG-GeorgeDavid20200427 (1) David Christopher George
David George will attend the University of Arizona in the fall where he will complete his general studies and major in Microbiology. 

0-VG0 Austin David Giles
Austin David Giles
0-VG0 Bianca Lizbeth Godinez-Melendres
Bianca Lizbeth Godinez-Melendres
0-VG0 Aneliz Armida Gomez
Aneliz Armida Gomez
0-VG0 Esmee Ysabella Gonzales
Esmee Ysabella Gonzales
0-VG0 Reina Rose Gonzales
Reina Rose Gonzales
0-VG0 Sierra Beatrice Gonzales
Sierra Beatrice Gonzales
0-VG0 Ramiro Neri Gonzalez
Ramiro Neri Gonzalez
0-VG0 Wyatt Lane Gorham
Wyatt Lane Gorham
0-VG0 Irving Gracia
Irving Gracia
0-VG0 Jesse Agustin Granados
Jesse Agustin Granados
VG-GuerraAdrianna20200424 (1) Adrianna Alejandra Guerra
Adrianna Guerra will attend Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at Arizona State University where she will major in Electrical Engineering. Her goal is to become an Electrical Engineer – Forensic Examiner for the FBI. 

0-VG0 Andrea Angelia Guerrero
Andrea Angelia Guerrero
0-VG0 Isaiah Mercedes Guillen
Isaiah Mercedes Guillen
VG-HaddoxKymberleeIline20200427 (1) Kymberlee Iline Haddox
Kymberlee Iline Haddox plans to attend GCU Honors College on an acadmic scholarship.

VG-HamiltonBrenden20200417 (2) Brenden Chad Hamilton
Brenden Hamilton plans to enlist in the Navy and attend Central Arizona College. 

VG-HannemanKenzieRenae20200506 (2) Kenzie Renae Hanneman
Kenzie Renae Hanneman to attend college to pursue a career as a Vet Tech.
0-VG0 Logan Christopher Hansen
Logan Christopher Hansen
0-VG0 Mia Von Heidelberger
Mia Von Heidelberger
0-VG0 Kiana Rose Hernandez
Kiana Rose Hernandez
0-VG0 Kristin Raquel Hernandez
Kristin Raquel Hernandez
0-VG0 Megan Justina Hernandez
Megan Justina Hernandez
0-VG0 Natalia Xochiel Hernandez
Natalia Xochiel Hernandez
VG-HoltJosef20200424 (1) Josef Lawrence Holt
Josef Holt plans to attend CAC for two (2) years then transfer to a private Christian college in Florida to major in Business. He hopes to one day develop a business to help the homeless around the world. 

VG-HoneyboneAngel20200419 (1) Angel Lena Honeybone
Angel Honeybone will attend CAC for two (2 ) years majoring in Radiology and General Studies before attending NAU to earn her Master's Degree. 

0-VG0 Uriel Ibarra Salazar
Uriel Ibarra Salazar
0-VG0 Alberto Manuel Islava
Alberto Manuel Islava
0-VG0 Alinne Azarel Jimenez
Alinne Azarel Jimenez
VG-JohnsonDevon20200417 (1) Devon Anthony Johnson
Devon Johnson will attend Mesabi Range College in Virginia, Minnesota, in the fall. He will join the Football Team and work towards his degree in Business. 

0-VG0 Jayla Nicole Johnson
Jayla Nicole Johnson
0-VG0 Kevin Kendrick Johnson
Kevin Kendrick Johnson
0-VG0 Kevin Lahmeek Johnson
Kevin Lahmeek Johnson
VG-JuanXylina20200504 (1)Crop Xylina Sadie Juan
Xylina Juan is going to go with the waves and decide what she's going to do along the way. She has no exact plans but to do what makes her happy, whether it’s persuing dance or finding a new passion. Along the ride, she hopes to succeed in happiness.
0-VG0 Jadyn Makailani Kang
Jadyn Makailani Kang
0-VG0 Alexander James Kelley
Alexander James Kelley
0-VG0 Dakota Justyn Lattea
Dakota Justyn Lattea
0-VG0 Brett Anthony Laufenberg
Brett Anthony Laufenberg
0-VG0 Ricky Eli Laughing
Ricky Eli Laughing
0-VG0 Michael Jay Legate
Michael Jay Legate
0-VG0 Makayla Marie Lemaster
Makayla Marie Lemaster
0-VG0 Andrea Leon
Andrea Leon
0-VG0 Boston Andres Leos
Boston Andres Leos
0-VG0 Shane Samuel Lerma
Shane Samuel Lerma
0-VG0 Jeazhoni Twyla Dawn Lewis
Jeazhoni Twyla Dawn Lewis
0-VG0 Kelly Jennie Lewis
Kelly Jennie Lewis
0-VG0 Alyssa Michelle Lopez
Alyssa Michelle Lopez
0-VG0 Jazlette Lopez
Jazlette Lopez
0-VG0 Jeanine Lopez
Jeanine Lopez
VG-LopezVictor (2) Victor Tomas Lopez
Victor Lopez will attend Arizona State University's Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering and major in Information Technology.
0-VG0 Rosalia M Love
Rosalia M Love
0-VG0 Kenia Guadalupe Loya Alvarado
Kenia Guadalupe Loya Alvarado
0-VG0 Jesus Montalvo Luque
Jesus Montalvo Luque
0-VG0 Paloma Macias
Paloma Macias
0-VG0 Cecily Valencia Madrid
Cecily Valencia Madrid
0-VG0 Patrocinio Madrid Jr
Patrocinio Madrid Jr
VG-MagnoneAmelia20200514 (1) Amelia Ann Magnone
Amelia Magnone will attend CAC in the fall with a Promise for the Future Scholarship where she plans to earn her Associates in Science. Afterwards, she'll transfer to UArizona through their Veterinary Program and work towards her Ph.D. She'd like to own her own practice one day.
0-VG0 Pilar Isabella Marion
Pilar Isabella Marion
VG-MarrufoBrittanyAnn20200504 (1)Crop BrittanyAnn Celeste Marrufo
BrittanyAnn Marrufo will attend NAU, working towards a Business Degree in Marketing.
0-VG0 Adrian A Martinez
Adrian A Martinez
0-VG0 Angel Nichole Martinez
Angel Nichole Martinez
VG-MartinezCarolina (1) Carolina Daniela Martinez
Carolina Martinez will join the Army after graduation.
0-VG0 Jynuahlyze Elenitza M Martinez
Jynuahlyze Elenitza M Martinez
0-VG0 Kyle Junpier Martinez
Kyle Junpier Martinez
0-VG0 Tanner C Martinez
Tanner C Martinez
0-VG0 Victor Lawrence Martinez
Victor Lawrence Martinez
0-VG0 Isabelle Victoria Mata
Isabelle Victoria Mata
0-VG0 Nathan Joel Matthews
Nathan Joel Matthews
VG-McHaneyMaggie20200507 (1) Maggie J Mchaney
Maggie McHaney plans to become a Flight Attendant.
VG-McLeanAngelique20200513 (1)Crop Angelique Myshell McLean
Angelique McLean plans to attend CAC and get her Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) and continue her schooling to become a Pediatrician or a Pediatric Nurse.
0-VG0 Tayler Nathenial Mcpherson
Tayler Nathenial Mcpherson
VG-McQueenAlexander (1) Alexander David McQueen
Alexander McQueen, officially a member of the Class of 2021, is graduating a year early, ranked first in his class.
VG-McQuillenBrynna20200417 (1) Brynna Lloyann McQuillen
Brynna McQuillen has committed to the University of Nebraska to run Cross Country and Track. She plans to major in Psychology and go on to get her PhD to become a Sports Psychologist. 

0-VG0 Jade Arianna Mcwherter
Jade Arianna Mcwherter
VG-MedelAdamarie20200421 (1) Adamarie Jasmine Medel
Adamarie Medel will attend CAC for her Associates in Science and transfer to NAU to continue studying to become an Anesthesiologist. 

0-VG0 Thaliana Sare Medrano
Thaliana Sare Medrano
0-VG0 Carlee Mae Meiner
Carlee Mae Meiner
0-VG0 Mauricio F Melchor
Mauricio F Melchor
0-VG0 Shelby Ferrari Mendenhall
Shelby Ferrari Mendenhall
0-VG0 Abbigayle Rae Mendoza
Abbigayle Rae Mendoza
VG-MeyerElijah (1) Elijah Keith Meyer
Elijah Meyer will attend Central Arizona College in the fall and major in Engineering. His goal is to complete his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering at a major university.
0-VG0 Anna Maria Miller
Anna Maria Miller
0-VG0 Rosa Meloney Montaño
Rosa Meloney Montaño
0-VG0 Valeria Montaño Paz
Valeria Montaño Paz
0-VG0 Elijah Santiago Montijo
Elijah Santiago Montijo
0-VG0 Ariana Desarae Mora
Ariana Desarae Mora
0-VG0 Alexandra Moraga
Alexandra Moraga
0-VG0 Jasmine Esther Moreno
Jasmine Esther Moreno
0-VG0 Onesimo Moreno
Onesimo Moreno
0-VG0 Nicoleah Vihanae Morgan
Nicoleah Vihanae Morgan
0-VG0 Aliyah Marianne Munguia
Aliyah Marianne Munguia
0-VG0 Abigail Arguelles Murrieta
Abigail Arguelles Murrieta
0-VG0 Darwin Nava
Darwin Nava
0-VG0 Amarisa Monique Nevarez
Amarisa Monique Nevarez
VG-NicholsIzabell20200417 (1) Izabell Yvette Nichols
Izabell Nichols will pursue a career in the military with the Arizona National Guard and become a Correctional Officer while enlisted. 

0-VG0 Noah Robert Nied
Noah Robert Nied
VG-NielsonMadison20200515 (1) Madison Mckayle Nielson
Madison Nielson plans to attend Central Arizona College with her Promise for the Future Scholarship. She will double major in Sound Engineering and Music Education with hopes to become a high school Band and Sound Tech Teacher.
VG-NunezRiveraTito20200417 (1) Gerardo Nuñez-Rivera
Gerardo Nuñez-Rivera will attend the University of Portland this fall. He plans to major in Biology, and later go on to graduate school and major in Zoology. He hopes to one day own a zoo or be a zookeeper. 

0-VG0 Gabriela Belen Ochoa
Gabriela Belen Ochoa
0-VG0 Rachel Nnena Okuagu
Rachel Nnena Okuagu
0-VG0 Lesley Flores Olivas
Lesley Flores Olivas
0-VG0 Luz Elena Ontiveros
Luz Elena Ontiveros
0-VG0 Carlos Manuel Ornelas
Carlos Manuel Ornelas
0-VG0 Vivian Cecil Oropeza
Vivian Cecil Oropeza
0-VG0 Krystal Marie Orozco
Krystal Marie Orozco
VG-OrtegaCamryn20200417 (1) Camryn Rae Ortega
Camryn Ortega will attend Central Arizona College before moving on to earn her Bachelor's Degree to become a Veterinarian. 

0-VG0 Dominique Alexis Ortega
Dominique Alexis Ortega
0-VG0 Karissa Maren Ortega
Karissa Maren Ortega
0-VG0 Ky Jordan Ortega
Ky Jordan Ortega
0-VG0 Michael Anthony Ortega
Michael Anthony Ortega
0-VG0 Agustin Torres Pacheco III
Agustin Torres Pacheco III
0-VG0 Andres Alejandro Paredes
Andres Alejandro Paredes
0-VG0 Kennady Symone Patrick
Kennady Symone Patrick
0-VG0 Alexis Pelayo
Alexis Pelayo
0-VG0 Luis Arturo Pelayo
Luis Arturo Pelayo
0-VG0 Keila Rebeca Peña
Keila Rebeca Peña
0-VG0 John Anthony Perez
John Anthony Perez
0-VG0 Kelsea May Perkins
Kelsea May Perkins
VG-PierpontMartinValentina20200416 (1) Valentina Adrienna Pierpont Martin
Valentina Pierpont Martin plans to be a Social Worker, Cosmotologist, or enlist in the Marines or Navy. 

0-VG0 Aaliyah Naomi Piñon
Aaliyah Naomi Piñon
VG-PitmanTaylor20200506 (1) Taylor Scott Pitman
Taylor Pitman will work and attend CAC for his General Studies. He wants to study Social/Behavioral Sciences and ultimately achieve a degree from NAU. He's excited for this new adventure.
0-VG0 Enrique Elias Poeschel
Enrique Elias Poeschel
VG-PompaArlene (1) Arlene Alexia Pompa
Arlene Alexia Pompa plans to become a Firefighter.
0-VG0 Caitlyn Marie Powell
Caitlyn Marie Powell
0-VG0 Noah Esteban Prieto
Noah Esteban Prieto
0-VG0 Sonya Isabella Prophet
Sonya Isabella Prophet
0-VG0 Noah Daniel Quiñonez
Noah Daniel Quiñonez
Rosalio Quiroz Sotelo Rosalio Quiroz Sotelo
Rosalio Quiroz Sotelo
0-VG0 Belen Melendez Ramirez
Belen Melendez Ramirez
0-VG0 Mairim Zuleyka Ramirez-Montaz
Mairim Zuleyka Ramirez-Montaz
0-VG0 Lexia Arabella Ramirez-Tholl
Lexia Arabella Ramirez-Tholl
0-VG0 Michel Guadalupe Ramos Huerta
Michel Guadalupe Ramos Huerta
0-VG0 Celeste Jewel Rangel
Celeste Jewel Rangel
0-VG0 Lesle Jacqueline Raya
Lesle Jacqueline Raya
0-VG0 Gilberto Rey
Gilberto Rey
0-VG0 Anthony Isaiah Reyes
Anthony Isaiah Reyes
0-VG0 Raymond Juan Moreno Rios
Raymond Juan Moreno Rios
0-VG0 Alyssa Ann Rivas
Alyssa Ann Rivas
0-VG0 Jasmine Renee Rivera
Jasmine Renee Rivera
0-VG0 Karla Jacqueline Rivera Ayala
Karla Jacqueline Rivera Ayala
0-VG0 Maya Ananda Roach
Maya Ananda Roach
0-VG0 Dylan John Roberts-Patock
Dylan John Roberts-Patock
VG-RobinetteCassandra (1) Cassandra Lanie Robinette
Cassandra Robinette plans to attend American Academy of Dramatic Arts and pursue a career in Los Angeles in the entertaiment industry working behind the scenes as a Special Effects Makeup Artist.
0-VG0 Jett Lee Robles
Jett Lee Robles
0-VG0 Alezandra Jonnee Rodriguez
Alezandra Jonnee Rodriguez
0-VG0 Evelyn Zuszeth Rodriguez
Evelyn Zuszeth Rodriguez
0-VG0 Jacob Anthony Rodriguez
Jacob Anthony Rodriguez
0-VG0 Katrina Elizabeth Rodriguez
Katrina Elizabeth Rodriguez
0-VG0 Mikayela Rodriguez
Mikayela Rodriguez
VG-RosalesAlondra20200611 (1) Alondra Gerladine Rosales
Alondra Rosales plans to continue on with her higher education to work in the medical field. For now, she will take a long-awaited vacation to Mexico to visit relatives and may decide to stay study at the university there or she may return here.
0-VG0 Kacee Lynn Rowland
Kacee Lynn Rowland
VG-RuizKaylee20200417 (1) Kaylee Frances Ruiz
Kaylee Ruiz will attend NAU to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Social Work. 

0-VG0 Jordan Mason Rumbo
Jordan Mason Rumbo
0-VG0 Sierra Alyse Rumbo
Sierra Alyse Rumbo
0-VG0 Elias Gustavo Rogelio Salazar
Elias Gustavo Rogelio Salazar
VG-SalazarIsabella20200504 (2) Isabella Gabrielle Salazar
Isabella Salazar plans to attend Arizona State Univeristy to study Nursing in hopes of becoming a RN in Obstetrics.
0-VG0 Marcos Raul Salazar
Marcos Raul Salazar
0-VG0 Ivan Steve Sanchez
Ivan Steve Sanchez
0-VG0 Jazmine Mariyah Sanchez
Jazmine Mariyah Sanchez
0-VG0 Nayeli Sanchez
Nayeli Sanchez
0-VG0 Ashlee Marie Sanchez-Lafavor
Ashlee Marie Sanchez-Lafavor
0-VG0 Ramon Andres Santa Cruz
Ramon Andres Santa Cruz
VG-SchmidtJacob20200524 (2) Jacob Martin Schmidt
Jacob Martin Schmidt
0-VG0 Christopher Mathew Scott
Christopher Mathew Scott
0-VG0 Madison Paige Sells
Madison Paige Sells
0-VG0 Morgan Rylee Sells
Morgan Rylee Sells
0-VG0 Shane Paul Sexton
Shane Paul Sexton
VG-SimsAustin20200422 (1) Austin Kendrick Sims
Austin Sims plans to become a US Marine as an Electronics Maintenance Technician, and then earn his Master's Degree as an Electrician. 

0-VG0 Preston Tyler Skelly
Preston Tyler Skelly
VG-SkinnerAryanna20200502 (1) Aryanna Lajae Skinner
Aryanna Skinner plans to attend Central Arizona College to earn her CNA to become a Nurse.
VG-SmithJulian20200419 (1) Julian Michael Smith
Julian Smith has committed to Benedictine University Mesa to play Soccer, and plans to major in Accounting.

0-VG0 Krishya Lyric Smith
Krishya Lyric Smith
0-VG0 Omari Ronde Smith
Omari Ronde Smith
0-VG0 Samuel Diego Solano
Samuel Diego Solano
0-VG0 Francisco Solis Jr
Francisco Solis Jr
0-VG Frank Jelani Sotelo Valenzuela
Frank Jelani Sotelo Valenzuela
VG-SotoAlyssa20200418 Alyssa Lyn Soto
Alyssa Soto will attend ASU in the fall and has plans to be an Anesthesiologist.
0-VG James Cordova Soto
James Cordova Soto
0-VG Brandon Tyler Stokes
Brandon Tyler Stokes
0-VG Gabriel J Talk
Gabriel J Talk
VG-TapiaSantiago20200515 (1) Santiago Nicholas Tapia
Santiago Tapia will complete his two years of the Fire Science program at CAVIT and attend Central Arizona College in the fall.
0-VG Gabrielle Gloria Taylor
Gabrielle Gloria Taylor
VG-TellezJadyn20200419 (1) Jadyn Nicole Tellez
Jadyn Tellez plans to work as a certified Dental Assistant after receiving her diploma and certifications at CAVIT. After continuing her education at a state university, she plans to become an Orthodontist. 

0-VG Eric Munoz Tepuri
Eric Munoz Tepuri
0-VG Udaeti Utpal Thaker
Udaeti Utpal Thaker
0-VG Andrew Nelson Thomas
Andrew Nelson Thomas
0-VG Julian Le'ijah Thomas
Julian Le'ijah Thomas

0-VG Aaliyas Nasir Thompson
Aaliyas Nasir Thompson
0-VG George Kobe Tiznado
George Kobe Tiznado
0-VG Corrado Bambino Torres
Corrado Bambino Torres
0-VG Jayden Blayde Torres-Ortega
Jayden Blayde Torres-Ortega
0-VG Payton Rose Toscano
Payton Rose Toscano
0-VG Nicholas Wayne Trantham
Nicholas Wayne Trantham
0-VG Alexis Yanet Flores Trejo
Alexis Yanet Flores Trejo
0-VG Daniel Angel Triminio
Daniel Angel Triminio
0-VG Bryan Christopher Trinidad
Bryan Christopher Trinidad
0-VG Luis Alonso Urias Muñoz
Luis Alonso Urias Muñoz
0-VG Enrique Thomas Uribe
Enrique Thomas Uribe
0-VG Brennen Mark Urseth
Brennen Mark Urseth
0-VG Viviana Alexandra Valencia
Viviana Alexandra Valencia
VG-VanZileKadie20200501 (1)Crop Kadie Jean VanZile
Kadie VanZile plans to attend Central Arizona College to earn her Associates Degree in Biology and then transfer to NAU to study Neuroscience.
0-VG Aliette Vasquez
Aliette Vasquez
0-VG Kevin Imanol Vasquez
Kevin Imanol Vasquez
0-VG Carlos Antonio Vega
Carlos Antonio Vega
0-VG Neydeli Vega Carranza
Neydeli Vega Carranza
0-VG Uriel Gerardo Vela
Uriel Gerardo Vela
0-VG Anthony Isiah Velazquez
Anthony Isiah Velazquez
VG-VelckoKyle20200424 (1) Kyle Lawrence Velcko
Kyle Velcko plans to attend Grand Canyon University. 

0-VG Lizette Verduzco Soto
Lizette Verduzco Soto
0-VG Crystal Alize Villa
Crystal Alize Villa
VG-VillalobosCorralAngelaRuby20200511 (1) Angela Ruby Villalobos-Corral
Angela Villalobos-Corral plans to attend Pima Medical and earn her medical and tech degree and eventually have her own business in the animal field. She would like to focus on livestock.
0-VG Marisa Fernanda Villavicencio Almaraz
Marisa Fernanda Villavicencio Almaraz
VG-VillegasAbel20200421 (1) Abel Joshua Villegas
Abel Joshua Villegas was accepted to Arizona State University and plans to major in Mechanical Engineering. 

0-VG Daryn Harley Wagner
Daryn Harley Wagner
VG-SchulzTori20200421 (1) Tori Marie Walker Schulz
Tori Walker Schulz plans to attend Arizona State University.

VG-WhitmerDylan20200504 (1)Crop Dylan Kane Whitmer
Dylan Whitmer will attend Central Arizona College in the fall.
0-VG Daniel Chasen Wiles
Daniel Chasen Wiles
0-VG Brooke Lexi Williams
Brooke Lexi Williams
0-VG Anya Lajoi Winston
Anya Lajoi Winston
0-VG Natalie Vanessa Yañez
Natalie Vanessa Yañez
0-VG Stephanie Sofia Yañez
Stephanie Sofia Yañez
0-VG Zariah Angelique Zarate
Zariah Angelique Zarate
0-VG Edwin Zuniga
Edwin Zuniga




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Glenda Cole
Cole, Glenda
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4102
Vance Danzy
Danzy, Vance
Assistant Principal
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4105
Andrea Teran
Teran, Andrea
Assistant Principal Edgenuity
CGU: 520-836-8500 x3131
VG: 520-876-9400 x4108
Jeanette Beechum
Beechum, Jeanette
Dean of Curriculum
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4103
Robert Pierce
Pierce, Robert
Athletic Director
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4107
Our Non-Discrimination Commitment

Casa Grande Union High School District #82 prohibits discrimination in employment and educational programs based on race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, military status, genetic test information, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

Questions, complaints, or requests for additional information regarding these laws may be forwarded to the designated compliance coordinator(s), Mary Ann Amerson, Human Resources Director at 520 316-3360 ext. 1104 or

El Distrito Casa Grande Union High #82 prohibe la discriminación de empleo y programas educacionales basados en raza, color, religion, sexo, edad, descapacidad, origen nacional, estado militar, información de prueba genetica, orientación sexual o identidad de género, o expresion y provee acceso a los Boy Scouts y otros grupos juveniles designados.

Preguntas, quejas, o solicitudes para información adicional de acuerdo a estas leyes deben ser dirigidas a la coordinadora designada, Mary Ann Amerson, Directora de Recursos Humanos al 520 316-3360 ext. 1104, o

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