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Career & Technical Education
Thirty-one students from Casa Grande Union High School have generated $31,000 for successfully earning Industry Credentials in two Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offered at CGUHS. Last year the Arizona Department of Education implemented the Industry Credential Incentive Program that awards districts with $1,000 for each student that earns an Arizona Department of Education (ADE) approved industry credential for approved CTE programs in each of the following five sectors: Health, Construction, Business, Manufacturing, and Information Technology. This year, a sixth sector, Transportation Technologies will be added.
Last year, thirty students from the Construction Technology program, taught by Mr. Mike Wagner, successfully completed OSHA-10 Construction, and National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) certifications. One student from the Bioscience program, taught by Mr. Noel Que, earned OSHA-10 Healthcare certification. As a result, the Casa Grande Union High School District will receive $31,000 that must be used in one of the following five categories:
  • For instructional costs and professional development for a career technical education program teacher to become a certifying professional for an approved certificate, credential, or license.
  • To offset the students' cost of certification, credentialing, or licensure.
  • For developmental costs related to creating, expanding, or improving an approved site of a certificate, credential, or license career technical program or course.
  • For instructional hardware, software, or supplies required for the certification, credentialing, or licensure.
  • For career exploration in any school grade and awareness activities for parents, students, and the community for the approved sectors.
Senate Bill 1525 of 2016, requires Career and Technical Education programs across the state to work toward industry recognized certification or licensure for students prior to completion of their high school CTE program. The Arizona Department of Education has established an extensive list of industry specific recognized certifications for all CTE program offerings. Over 1,800 students are enrolled in fifteen Career and Technical Education programs offered in the Casa Grande Union High School District. The CTE program is led by CTE Director Steven Sipes. Visit