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Employees of the Month
CGUHSD October Employees of the Month were honored with a breakfast with Superintendent Dr. Steven Bebee on Wednesday, October 7. Each month, a select group of employees are nominated by faculty and staff then selected by the Recognition Committee to receive this honor. Employees of the Month are recognized and given an award plaque at the monthly Governing Board meeting. Special thanks to our employees for their dedication and service. Visit
Employees of the Month 
 Jeannette Beechum  Dean of Students  VGHS
 Travis Brady   Character Coach   CGUHS
 Zona Campas   Admin Assistant III   CGUHS 
 Linda Cassidy  School Nurse  CGUHS
 Melani Edwards  Curriculum & Instruction Director   DO 
 Jose Munoz  Mathematics Teacher  CGUHS 
 Neil Smyers  English Teacher  VGHS
 Ann Marie Wittner   ESS Paraprofessional  VGHS
Golden Ticket Winners
 Zona Campas CGUHS   
 Linda Cassidy CGUHS  Grand Prize Winner
 Sonya Gonzalez  VGHS   
 Maria Walters  VGHS   
Golden Ticket Recipients
Alma Parra
Andrea Teran
Angel Salines
Betty Fiori
Brad Harvey  
Brian Mabb
Briena Sundell
Charmaine Martinez
Christine Collins
Cynthia Soto
David Speers
Debbie Heh
Deja Oswald
Dominick Henderson
Kelly Blunk
Christine Collins
Lupe Rodriguez
Melanie Kieser  
Mike Wagner
Raphael Vidal
Rebecca Spallinger  
Rhonda Carter
Shieraldine Matas
Stephanie Garcia  
Steve Wooten
Tim Mace
Vicki Lawton  
Walker McArthur