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Graphic Design Class

Students  from the VGHS Graphic Design program had lunch with Southwest Gas staff and presented their Valley Division logo designs on Monday, March 2. For the first time this year, these students experienced a real day in the life of a graphic designer. Not only did they work on a class assignment, but an actual job as well. Southwest Gas Corporation (SWGC) needed a logo design for their local Valley District branch, so they gave the design students this amazing opportunity. The company provided details and ideas of what they were looking for in a design, and they eagerly took on the job. Designs were original and freehand drawn using only a computer mouse - no clipart or anything taken from online. Students were invited to present their logo proposals and did a fantastic job. They were professionally dressed, enthusiastic, and delivered top-notch presentations that impressed everyone at SWGC. The students are taught by Fine Arts & CTE Teacher Carlos Jimenez. Visit