1st Day Modified In-Person Classes
Starting 9/28/2020
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• Casa Grande Union HS District - VGHS-Events
• Casa Grande Union HS District - CGHS-Events
September 16, 2020
Dear CGUHSD Parents, Community and Staff:
As we get ready to begin the school year in our Modified In-Person model that 60% of our students have chosen, both campuses are focusing their efforts on the safety and well-being of both students and staff at our schools. We are excited to offer a modified school schedule that allows for only half of the students at each campus to be on site on any given day. On Monday, September 28, students who chose the Modified In-Person learning model will begin their new daily schedule that was developed for being on either an A or B schedule. Our school principals will be sending communication shortly to all students who have chosen this model of learning so every student knows which days they are to come on campus, and which days they will still learn virtually. We have created and published the school calendar on our website so everyone can easily see which days are A days and which are B days. Those students who have chosen to learn virtually will remain on the schedule they have been following since school started through the end of the semester. As the year progresses, and we continue to follow the data being sent out weekly by the Arizona Department of Health Services, we will keep you informed as to what the spring semester at CGUHSD might look like. As a district, we will be focusing on safety and making decisions on what is best for both students and staff. While these are unprecedented times, it is our desire that someday soon all students who want to be back on campus to learn daily will be able to do so. I hope that all of you who are coming back to our campuses on September 28 have a very smooth transition back to in-person school.
Steve Bebee, Superintendent  
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