Previous Golden Ticket Recipients

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Previous Golden Ticket Recipients

Previous Golden Ticket Recipients

Deanna Addison
Addison, Deanna
ESS Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4549
- Behavior Academic Resource
- Behavior Life Skills
Jennifer Alley
Alley, Jennifer
Purchasing Clerk
Office: 520-316-3360 x 1103

Mary Ann Amerson
Amerson, Mary Ann
Human Resources Director
Office: 520-316-3360 x 1109
Greg Anderson
Anderson, Greg
Assistant Principal
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3161
Carmella Ash
Ash, Carmella
ESS Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3304
Dr. Steve Bebee
Bebee, Dr. Steve
District Superintendent
Office: 520-316-3360 x 1102
Jeanette Beechum
Beechum, Jeanette
Dean of Curriculum
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4103
Ralph Belloc
Belloc, Ralph
Maintenance Supervisor
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3117
Cassandra Bennett
Bennett, Cassandra
School Psychologist
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3598
Reynalin Bitos
Bitos, Reynalin
Mathematics Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4614
-Algebra I
-Math Support Lab
Kelly Blunk
Blunk, Kelly
School Psychologist
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3567
Stacy Brady
Brady, Stacy
Science Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3829
-Honors Biology
-Investigative Science
Zona Campas
Campas, Zona
Principal's Administrative Assistant
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3102
Sean Casey
Casey, Sean
Student Services Director
Office: 520-316-3360 x 1110

Linda (RN) Cassidy
Cassidy, Linda (RN)
Registered Nurse
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3136
Rosa Celaya de Andrade
Celaya de Andrade, Rosa
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3777
Christine Collins
Collins, Christine
Nurse Assistant
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3137
Russell Daniel
Daniel, Russell
ESS SMD Paraprofessional
Office: 520-876-9400
Anneke de Villiers
de Villiers, Anneke
English Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4520
-English 9
-English 10
Alexander French
French, Alexander
Fine Arts Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4846
-Chorus I
-Chorus II
-Color Guard
-Jazz Band
-Marching Band
-Music Appreciation
-Symphonic Band
Ben Gutierrez
Gutierrez, Ben
Equipment Manager
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3035
Bradley Harvey
Harvey, Bradley
Social Studies Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3620
Martin Hebda
Hebda, Martin
Fine Arts Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3002
-Color Guard
-Freshman Band
-Jazz Band
-Marching Band
-Symphonic Band
Dominic Henderson
Henderson, Dominic
Security Officer
Office: 520-836-8500
Lynette Hinojos
Hinojos, Lynette
JOM Student Advisor
Office: 520-876-9400
Carlos Jimenez
Jimenez, Carlos
Fine Arts Teacher | CTE Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4717
-Art I
-Art II
-Graphic and Web Design I
Lorena Jimenez
Jimenez, Lorena
School Counselor
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4112
Nancy Johnson
Johnson, Nancy
ESS Paraprofessional
Office: 520-836-8500
Annamae Jorda
Jorda, Annamae
Science Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3927
-Investigative Science
David Keeton
Keeton, David
Security Officer
Office: 520-876-9400
Brad Kepler
Kepler, Brad
Bookstore Manager
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3201
Kurt Kieser
Kieser, Kurt
PE & Health Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3500
-Basketball (Coed)
-Health (Boys)
-Net Sports (Coed)
-PE Personal Fitness (Coed)
Sharon Leuthauser
Leuthauser, Sharon
ESS Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3806
-Functional Academics
-Functional Life Skills
Miguel Maldonado
Maldonado, Miguel
Mathematics Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4604
-Algebra I
-Honors Algebra I
Kayla Mattice
Mattice, Kayla
Office: 520-876-9400 x 3777
Sandra Mcintyre
Mcintyre, Sandra
ESS Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3808
-Functional Academics
-Functional Life Skills
Alistair Mountz
Mountz, Alistair
Instructional Specialist | English Teacher
Office: 520-316-3360 x 4529
-ELD Intermediate English 9
-ELD Intermediate English 10
-ELD Intermediate English 11
-ELD Intermediate English 12
Katie Mummert
Mummert, Katie
English Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4526
-English 10
Julie Parks-Evans
Parks-Evans, Julie
Curriculum Administrative Assistant
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4135
Mary Jane Radel
Radel, Mary Jane
Payroll Clerk
Office: 520-316-3360 x 1114
Joe Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Joe
Warehouse Assistant
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3776
Sharon Rodriguez
Rodriguez, Sharon
Business Services Manager
Office: 520-316-3360 x 1112
Art Romano
Romano, Art
Mathematics Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4615
-Math Support Lab
Angel Salinas
Salinas, Angel
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3117
Nathan Scheeler
Scheeler, Nathan
Social Studies Teacher
Office: 520-876-9400 x 4622
-AP Psychology
-AP World History
-Student Leadership
-World History/Geography
Russell Tennyson
Tennyson, Russell
World Languages Teacher
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3521
-AP Spanish Language
-Spanish I
-Spanish II
Andrea Teran
Teran, Andrea
Assistant Principal Edgenuity
CGU: 520-836-8500 x3131
VG: 520-876-9400 x4108
Marilyn Twehous
Twehous, Marilyn
Receptionist | Webmaster
Office: 520-316-3360 x 1100

Rafaela Vidal
Vidal, Rafaela
Office: 520-836-8500 x 3777
Anthony Villegas
Villegas, Anthony
Office: 520-876-9400 x 3777
Rita Whisenhunt
Whisenhunt, Rita
CTE Paraprofessional
Office: 520-836-8500
Our Non-Discrimination Commitment

Casa Grande Union High School District #82 prohibits discrimination in employment and educational programs based on race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, military status, genetic test information, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups.

Questions, complaints, or requests for additional information regarding these laws may be forwarded to the designated compliance coordinator(s), Mary Ann Amerson, Human Resources Director at 520 316-3360 ext. 1104 or

El Distrito Casa Grande Union High #82 prohibe la discriminación de empleo y programas educacionales basados en raza, color, religion, sexo, edad, descapacidad, origen nacional, estado militar, información de prueba genetica, orientación sexual o identidad de género, o expresion y provee acceso a los Boy Scouts y otros grupos juveniles designados.

Preguntas, quejas, o solicitudes para información adicional de acuerdo a estas leyes deben ser dirigidas a la coordinadora designada, Mary Ann Amerson, Directora de Recursos Humanos al 520 316-3360 ext. 1104, o

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