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Responsible Use Agreement (RUA)
Student Responsibilities:
• I acknowledge that the district is not responsible for the technology that I bring with me to school including both district and personal devices.  Disfigurement, damage, loss, or theft of a district device will result in the student owing a $100 deductible for the device to be repaired or replaced.  Removal of the District Asset Tag will result in a $10 fee. 
• I am responsible to return district devices in acceptable condition at the end of each school year or upon withdrawal. Failure to do so may result in the police being contacted.
• I am aware that my activities on the CGUHSD network (including guestnet), on personal or district devices, are not private and can be accessed by district personnel at any time.  I have no expectation of privacy when on a district device at any time or on a personal device while using the district network.
• I have the responsibility to use the CGUHSD network (including guestnet), whether on a personal or district device, appropriately.
• This includes:
  - Not sharing my password with other people and not using another person’s password to access the network.
  - Not sharing personal information about myself or others online.**
  - Not looking up material that contains violence, hate speech, profanity, sex, drugs, alcohol, or other inappropriate material as determined by school staff.**
  - Not engaging in cyberbullying, as defined in the CGUHSD Student Handbook.
  - Not installing or downloading any harmful, illegal, or inappropriate programs or applications on any district device.
  - Not circumventing or attempting to circumvent district security measures including, but not limited to; network security, web filters, virus protection, or any other security measures employed by the district.
  - Not engaging in audiotaping, videotaping or photographing others.**
  - Not stealing intellectual property from other people by plagiarizing, cheating or violating copyright rules.
**Unless related to a school project and directed to do so by a district staff member.

• During class time, I am responsible to use my personal or district device for classwork only at the direction of my teacher.
• I have the responsibility to report inappropriate use by others in accordance with the guidelines listed above. 
• I have the responsibility to tell a teacher or staff member immediately, if I enter an inappropriate site accidentally.
Parent and Student Acknowledgement:
I have read this CGUHSD Responsible Use Agreement and understand the provisions specified in it.  By signing below, I agree to follow the rules specified in this policy.  I understand that if I break the rules specified in this policy, disciplinary actions as determined by the school will result.
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