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Cariquez Mark E203 Math 3654
Casabuena Rizza D102 Math 3516
Dellosa Lourdes F201 Math 3620
Hawkins Tracy F202 Math 3621
Limbaga Juronil E202 Math 3622
Meiers Lisa H203 Science / Math 3651
Morris John L100 Math 3679
Muñoz José F106 Math 3599
Razo Ernie F109 Math 3542
Shapiro James C103 Math 3565
Credits Required for Graduation: 4 credits
Credits Required for University: 4 credits
Students must complete at four years of mathematics and one of the credits must have Algebra 3-4 as a prerequisite.
Arizona university admission for mathematics requires a passing grade of C or better in Algebra 1-2, Geometry 1-2,
Algebra 3-4, and one (1) additional math credit for which Algebra 3-4 is a prerequisite.
Incoming freshmen are placed in mathematics courses according to their performance on our district math placement
test, and/or the courses they successfully completed in 8th grade.
* CAC classes may be taken for HS credit and college credit. However students MUST test into these classes using
CAC’s placement tests which will be given each spring at each of our high schools. If a student wants the dual
credit, they will need to pay the tuition to CAC. However this is not required for them to receive HS credit.
Muñoz, José 
Math Teacher
Contact Information:
(520) 836-8500 ext:
Academic Department:
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